Saturday, April 20, 2013

Project Management Process Groups and Knowledge Areas

Process Groups

PMI has standardized 42 Project Management processes that are grouped under 5 Project Management Process Groups and 9 Knowledge Areas. Understanding this will make a person a wonderful Project Manager. 

Here are the 5 Process groups

Initiating Process Group

Here is where a Project gets initiated and a Project Manager is delegated. 
The activities like Defining Project Scope, Financial resources confirmation, Identifying Internal and External Stake Holders and assigning a Project Manager happens in this Process Group. 

Project Charter

Project Charter is an official document that is provided to a Person to assign him as a Project Manager for any given Project. Until a Project Charter is officially handed over to an Individual, he/she shall not be responsible for that Project. 

Identify Stake Holders

Stake Holders are individuals who are positively or negatively affected by the success and failure of a project. Say the Client, End User, Program Manager, Project sponsor etc. 

Planning Process Group


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